1st Medical Regiment

1st Medical RegimentSome time ago I found an image online of regimental insignia for the 1st medical regiment. It was pretty useless in the low-resolution state that I found it, so this week I decided to reproduce it and post it here.

The 1st Medical Regiment may have limited use to WWII reenactors, but you’ll have to do your own research. Here’s what globalsecurity.org has to say about the unit:

The 1st Medical Group was organized in France in 1917 as the 1st Sanitary Train from units which had been deployed along the Mexican border. It was assigned to the 1st Infantry cheap viagra canada Division, the first American Unit committed to offensive operations in World War I. …

In 1919, the Train returned to the United States, and in 1921 was reorganized as the 1st Medical Regiment and was stationed at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania where it served as the demonstration unit for the Medical Field Service School. In 1937, elements of the Regiment deployed to Kentucky, where they provided disaster relief following a devastation flood. In 1939, the Regiment again deployed, this time to Gettysburg, where they provided medical support for participants in the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

In 1943, the Regiment was broken up and its headquarters was redesignated as the 1st Medical Group. In 1944, the Group entered the European theater of operations where it provided medical support to the Ninth U.S. Army….
(more at globalsecurity.com)

Still, if you can use it, I’ve also attached a full resolution .pdf in addition to the linked JPG (above).