What are the best WWII Medical Museums?

This is a quick list of some places/museums that I would like to visit. It’s just a rough list, so I’d like to know what museums / locations you think are important to visit.

National Archives

Washington D.C.
I could spend a good deal of time at the archives looking up all sorts of information and photographs. The cool part about visiting the archives would be to find photographs that have never been published before. At one point, while searching on http://translatingfashion.com the Archives’ website, I found a listing for a box of photographs about front-line medics evacuating wounded soldiers. Seriously.

WWII Memorial

Washington D.C.
This relatively new memorial was created after my last visit to D.C.

Holocaust Museum

Washington D.C.
While it doesn’t 100% relate to this website, I’ve heard that this is an incredibly powerful museum. I think I’ve even heard someone say “mandatory” in the same sentence.

National WWII Museum

New Orleans, LA
I’m sure their displays are phenomenal (like a full reproduction LCVP!), but I would want to arrange ahead of time (somehow) a behind-the-scenes tour of their annexes

Army Medical Museum

San Antonio, TX
This is a smallerish museum, but seeing as how it’s completely devoted to army medical history I feel it’s something worth visiting. Has anyone been here? My guess is, like a lot of museums, this one has a bunch of stuff that’s not on display. I’d probably take a laptop and scanner to do some research that way.

Okay, everyone, what am I missing? What other locations or museums should be on this list? How about over in Europe — what would be the best places to visit over there?


  • ww2md says:

    I saw the Army’s museum at FT Sam Houston many years ago. If I remember correctly, at that time, it had a few displays, mostly pictures/photographs showing the Army Medical Corps in action. I am sure that it has changed a lot over the years.

  • lobosMedic says:

    Looks like a list I’d like to make my way down. Don’t forget the National World War I museum, many people do. Located in Kansas City Missouri. It is an extensive collection built into a hill below a memorial torch for those who gave their lives that is never extinguished, some medical.

  • Al Sims says:

    I am planning a book on the 76th Armored Medical Battalion of the 6th Armored Division, ETO. Request information on this specific unit. Photos, documents, articles, memories. Contact through website.