Can you translate this?

This post isn’t medical related (I’m working on putting together a series of posts related to plasma bottles. Next week or so).

The guy featured in the photo below is a paratrooper reenactor in my reenacting group (the Pacific Northwest Historical Group).  The photo was taken during a WWII Airborne Demonstration Team jump in Belgium.

I’ve been casually trying viagra online to have it translated since then (yeah I know, 2004).
"Pappy" in Belgium with the ADT


  • WW2AA Medic says:

    Nuts! It’s already finished.

    What you have to do is enter this into and that should help. I speak enough French for the title, but nothing else really.

    • Taylor Dewey says:

      Wow, thanks for stopping by and commenting despite the disarray this particular post was in. I suppose it’s a matter of preview, then publish, then preview.

      Anyway, I’ve done Google before with mixed results. For example, I once translated “penne ala arrabiata” and had it come back as “pasta with herpes.” It’s obviously too old to be considered “news” more it’s just a curiosity that I thought I’d bounce off of the community.

  • hi i’ll try to translate for you of course it will not be perfect but you should understand.
    Patton and mc auliffe should be proud, 60th anniversary battle of bulge, especialy at bastogne who was the center of the world during 4 days. It was a mis of emotion, memory, and pray. A week end that wont be forgoten for a long time. First, several vets back on the place where they fought in 1944 they were back to remember a dead brother or friend near them. Several pictures of those rendez vous still left in mind of all people. Only for saturday more than 25000 people were in town center. Another great emotion moment, Night Vigil at villers on thursday morning at 5.30 for battle begining comemoration. On middle of the day this historic delicate shake hand with those two officers, one american, one german. Second time this beautiful expo i was 20 in 45 open for one year in ancient seminary. don’t forget king albert come for traditional nuts trhow from city hall. king was with prime minister mr guy verhofstadt. An official visit followed by light and sound show without surprise and emotion.
    yesterday last rendez vous with jump on mardasson site of 17 paratrrops in ww2 gear with more than 400 ww2 vehicules in town center. Each tim a great emotion and same crowd. Bastogne a big part of history this week end as mayor collard said everything gone allright. just one question still without answer, tom hanks come. In th guest book of city hall he should let a word, and signature…

  • Mike says:

    It could also be a form of slang, WW2AA. I took French for four years and I’ve discovered that Google Translator doesn’t always pick up the slang terms, or differently worded sentances.