Get More WWII Paperwork

You have a few options:

  1. Search Google for more paperwork.
  2. Make your own. (Eventually I will provide a tutorial on this site)
  3. Let me make more using your original items

I do not have the funds to purchase every WWII medical paperwork example that comes up for bidding on eBay. That is why I started making these reproductions in the first place. I can, and would really like to, use your originals to make more reproduction files to provide free of charge on this website. We can do this one of two ways keeping in mind the second way is ideal.

  1. You send me copious amounts of high resolution photographs and, if possible, a good high resolution scan of the box or paperwork including a scale in all the photographs so that dimensions can be appropriately reproduced.
  2. The ideal: You send me an item via the mail, I reproduce the item and send it back for you. Obviously this will make some people nervous, so we can discuss possibilities for collateral via email.