How to Use the Reproduction Paperwork

Notes on Paper: Selecting the correct paper to print your WWII reproduction paperwork on is key. For each paperwork item I have attempted to discuss what paper I feel would be most appropriate to use. People who charge lots of money for their reproductions have generally spent lots more time researching what exact colorations and weights of paper to use.

Notes on Cutting: I use, and like, a #2 handle X-Acto knife with a #24 blade (for heavy cutting and straight lines) or a #2 blade (for lighter cutting and complicated cuts). On smaller items on thin paper I will use a good pair of scissors. For all cuts I use a metal ruler with a cork backing and cut into a self-healing cutting mat.

Notes on Printing: Printing is the most difficult thing to accomplish. I prefer the use of a laser printer because toner will not run when it gets wet. On some surfaces however the toner will not stick well either. I have not had the opportunity to use a color laser printer, so for any color items I use an HP DeskJet printer that has a pass-through option. I can feed the paper straight in from the back which is good for very heavy weight paper. It also has a print area of up to 13×19. I think most people work with what they have. Additionally I have tried to make all the files fit on a standard 8.5×11 (letter) sized paper.