WWIIMedic.com — same people, new look

WWII Medic has been Redesigned!

WWII Medic finally got that facelift http://skylitecellars.com/ that I’ve been mentioning for a while. I know, quite a change, right!? I’m super excited to show this off. Here’s cialis for sale what’s going on:

  • I found out that, among all the domain names I own, WWIIMedic.com was reciving consistant traffic
  • After having abandoned WWIIMedic.com for such a long time I was feeling guilty. “Temp_reproductions.html” was a main page on the site for years
  • In the meantime I have been designing other custom templates and websites using WordPress
  • I finally got around to doing it here too!
  • But here’s the thing, I want WWIIMedic.com to expand, as blog organically. I have some ideas for things I want to write about, but you’ll notice that overall there isnt a lot of prescribed content areas. I don’t have, for instance, a “featured” post — or a sidebar with a bunch of links.
  • I’m very interested in having guest writers. Even if you’re just writing about an event you recently attended (keep it medical related), I’m sure everyone would be interested in seeing photos of your setup.

I realize we’re kicking things off without much of a bang here (what, 2 posts…), but I’m going to give this a shot. It’s a niche content area, I’ve already been getting traffic (who knows why…), and I’ve got some ideas on great stuff to talk about.

So, subscribe to the RSS feed, or Subscribe via email and let’s get this thing going!


  • Phil Haycock says:

    I am doing British 181 A/L Field Ambulance and Army Commando Medic. I am looking for a source of Blood/Plasma bottles, can anyone help me.


  • Yensen says:

    I just took an old apple cider vinegar bottle and made my own